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Feb 1, 2013 6:30am EST
,000 miles, 112 different cups, 1700 meetings. those are the numbers that hillary clinton's four years as the secretary of state t ends today. what is next? >>> ten years ago today we watched as seven astronauts were killed in the columbia disaster. and they will be remembered. the crew was returning from a six day mission when the shuttle disintegrated over texas. this was minutes before scheduled landing in florida. the cause was to the wing. and foam got in and led to the disaster. >>> the oar council will vote whether john leopold should keep his job. ways found guilty of two counts of misconduct in office. he is suspended with pay from  the office. and. >> and. >>> yet the court heard about text messages between michael johnson and loved ones. and moving where it could not be extra ta died. >>> and we'll have updates throughout the afternoon. can you follow us. >>> 6:37. we were spoiled with the warm weather. now it is back on reality. >> and old man winter is back. it is snowing. what baltimore city is doing about the cold temperatures. >> the snow is coming down. how long it w
Feb 6, 2013 5:30am EST
in by vice president joe biden. here he was sworn in during a private ceremony friday after hillary clinton officially retired from the post. >>> a large group of gun experts and gun lawmakers are going to call on congress today to act on president obama's plan to reduce gun violence. it includes background checks for all gun sales and an assault weapons ban. >>> the financial situation of the u.s. postal service is no closer to improving. the usps board has now directed the postmaster general to accelerate restructuring of the company's operations. >>> president obama is heading to israel this spring. the trip will mark his first visit there as president. the white house says obama and israel's prime minister will discuss issues of mutual concern, including iran and syria. >>> a sports plan being presented on capitol hill today and the focus remains the importance behind concussions by school athletes, why a high number of school athletes don't suffer other serious or deadly injuries. >>> the blackout from super super bowl xlvii in new orleans is taking on a life of its own. an independe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2